About T V V Pri-University College


Our Institution provides hi-tech education and creates excellent atmosphere to expose inherent knowledge and talent so that students can undertake Research projects to excel themselves in any field and become good citizens of India

Our faculty members are hard-working and inspire students to study with inclination and interest. Monitoring the students’ performance is done periodically. We engage the student’s interests in all subjects.

The following important features are focused on for students to excel in the subject:

  • Basic concepts must be thoroughly analyzed and studied
  • Systematic studies should adopted with concentration and confidence to comprehend the concepts
  • Intelligence and skill plays a pivotal role in mastering the subject
  • Reading newspapers, journals and magazines to enhance the learning process
  • Solving puzzles and problems in all subjects

An Overview

Madhugiri Education Society(R.), Founder president Sri T.V.Venkataswamy, Ex.M.L.C. is one of the premier institutions in Tumkur. T V Venkataswamy Pri-University College has been grooming the PU students to step into their chosen career for nearly five decades. This esteemed institution has been an epitome of instilling confidence and expertise to impart education with competence, compassion, concern and conscience.

This college is located in a 30-acre salubrious educative environment. The campus has avenues to pursue higher education in many streams. Technology utilization for education is the motto of all institutions of the Madhugiri Education Society(R.). Which enhances the quality of teaching and learning process. Mentoring and monitoring of students take place continuously during the two year PUC programme. Excellence in education and providing an apt environment for holistic development has been the definite aim of this institution.